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§Arbiter§ - Path of Heroism §Arbiter§ - Path of Heroism

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I might be easily influenced...

... but I love how you always nail the titles of your songs! There couldn't be a better name for this tune!
Excellent, as usual!

§Arbiter§ - Aztec Ambition §Arbiter§ - Aztec Ambition

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Really great!

This one's a little different, but there's no denying it's yours. Title is very fitting and made me think of a chase in the jungles, something like Apocalypto, lol.
I really like it at around 2:00, it would be the turning point.
I hope to hear more from you soon!

PS: yearly tradition wouldnt be complete if my review wasnt right after Utah's.

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Arbiter responds:

Thanks for the review, Ian -- much appreciated.
And the ethnicity of the tune is very much what I was trying to maintain throughout the themes, so I'm glad you found the tune to be somewhat like that.

--Christian S.

[Dr.S] The Night [Dr.S] The Night

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Bem interessante!

Essa musica me lembra alguma coisa que eu nao consigo dizer bem o que é. :P
Sabe essa sensaçao?
Gostei bastante e espero ver mais coisas suas em breve!
Abraco e boa sorte!!

GunSlinger's Requiem II GunSlinger's Requiem II

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Great song!

Kinda reminds me of the Whithe Stripes, except better!

Hyper-Shadow-Death responds:

Probably the drum beat that reminds you of em, Thank you for the compliment!

§Arbiter§ - The Journey [LOOP] §Arbiter§ - The Journey [LOOP]

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Good to have you back man!!

Arbiter responds:

Thanks Ian!

International International

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good job!

Very well done! I specially like the arabian parts. Reminds meof Age of Empires!

§Arbiter§ MAC6 - TANKMEN Theme §Arbiter§ MAC6 - TANKMEN Theme

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fitting and wise

When you're a talented person, it's hard to keep it simple. One would expect that, given your awesome skills, you would make a mind-boggling jaw-dropping epical piece. And I'm glad you didn't. You were wise enough not to get carried away, and this piece, though simple, seems to capture the mood of Tankmen perfectly.
So, congratulations and good luck!! :D

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§Arbiter§ - Arise of Lothian §Arbiter§ - Arise of Lothian

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This song is incredibly well done and brought vivid images to my mind. I liked the description the guy on the 1st review gave!
It's like your painting using sound instead of ink!
The sound is clear, and I specially liked the use of some exquisite percussion halfway into the song. You got an promissing musical carrer ahead of you, my friend (full of fame, money and blonde girls) :D

Keep it up, and welcome!

Arbiter responds:

Thank you Dasneviano, I always appreicate feedback, good and bad.
And I also am happy to see that I have in one way or another lived up to your expectations.

As always, best of Wishes.

§Zeth§ Action Music §Zeth§ Action Music

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Zeth for president!!
Great song, as usual, my yellow friend!!
It's been like 2 weeks that I last saw your page, and during this time you got 2 new songs, 18 reviews, 1000 movies featuring your songs and you can make Lasagna!!

I'd vote for you! :D

XGM-Zeth responds:

Woho! :D

I am yellow? O.O
Well, Thanks for voting me to president!


§Zeth§ Rushing Stars §Zeth§ Rushing Stars

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My precious!

Do I need to say I loved it??
Hahaha, it's an honour to have a custom song made by Zeth, the guy who'll rule the world when he turns 16!!
Here's the movie it was made for
Watch it and vote 5, Zeth fans!!:P

XGM-Zeth responds:

Thank you Ian.
Well, Even though i put alot of effort into this song you still deserve and need all the credit you could get.