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The Great Sokowski The Great Sokowski

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Octo Octo

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It must have taken 200 years to make all those little details!

self portrait self portrait

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That's a frigging lie!!!

Your brain is way bigger than tha!!!

El Chupacabras El Chupacabras

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That`s a pro-looking piece you have here, man! Awesome level of details and great composition!
I just didn`t get the title in Spanish if you say it was based on Brazilian floklore?

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ThiagoBuzzi responds:

Yes, the project have a focus in the brazilian folklore (the main characters are brazilian), but we still have some foreign characters included, like the Werewolf. El Chupacabras was suppouse to be Mexican. =)

Ah Ah

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I don't know why

But I love it!

happymeat responds:

Thanks dood.

a green day a green day

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Is this...


a copple of flowers a copple of flowers

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Really good!
Post more and I can scout you!

TiÃf£onossauro TiÃf£onossauro

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I guess one has to know you personally to be able to fully appreciate this piece! :D

Tiao responds:

é verdade... fico com vergonha das merda que to postando aqui