Entry #1

How dare you Tom??

2007-07-24 11:26:46 by Dasneviano

How dare you launch the redesign while I was away?! I feel late to the party!!
Anyway, everything is pretty cool, loved the userpages and all. I wasn't very happy to see my entry wasn't included in the bytesize thing, but I'll get over it.
The only bug I found, if I can say so, is that I tried to change my aura and it wouldn't work without setting a new password, which I don't want to, for the new ones must have numbers in them. Anyone knows a way around it?


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2007-07-24 12:32:53

That's not a bug. It's just a new security system they've set up for your Newgrounds account. The only way around it is to never edit your General Information. Otherwise, you WILL have to change your password. I had to change mine. It's not really that big of a deal once you get used to it, though.


Dasneviano responds:

Hehehe, yeah, you're right. I just didn't want to do it cause my password is always the same for everything. I guess I'll just add a 666 to the end of it though, I might remember that!


2007-07-24 12:34:06

Do you have a favorite number? That might make a password with a number in it easier for you to remember. I can't think of any way around using a password with a number in it if the system requires that short of hacking the site, and that's not a nice thing to do...especially if you want to have any account with the site at all.

Dasneviano responds:

Yeah, I'll do that... didn't want to, but couldn't find a different way.


2007-07-24 15:28:33

I felt the same when i came back from holiday too xD

Dasneviano responds:

Bad isn't it??